Reaping the Rewards of the Frackle Garden: Garlic & Broad Beans

Growing garlic and broad beans- a healthy crop

A blog by Frackle 3

A few months on from the last post, The Frackle Family have begun the season’s harvest. We have a good variety of fruits and vegetables ready for harvest, from blueberries to broad beans (and there were a lot of them!).

Organic garlic

Talking of big harvests, Mr Frackle Gardener has been down at the allotment, reaping the rewards of the efforts and returning with a wheelbarrow full of fresh, organic and homegrown garlic!


Mr Frackle Gardener and Frackle 3 trimmed and cleaned all of the garlic bulbs. Now we need to hang it up to dry out and then it’s ready to be used!

Mr FG harvested not only garlic, but plenty of onions too!

IMG_5765[1]Homegrown and organic; delicious!

Norman’s broad bean seeds come good

Remember Norman? When we first started our project, we met him and he gave us some broad beans. We planted the seeds, and a few months later, Mr and Mrs Frackle Gardener returned with bags full of delicious broad beans! They were very tasty, so the amount has been reduced! Here’s a picture of our fresh broad beans.

Norman's broad beans for seeds




We’ve also been feasting on the first earlies and the second early potatoes – but that’s a story for another time!

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